Unleash the power of
ChatGPT in your school.

Create activities using ChatGPT in minutes–interactive readings, guided reviews,  simulations, and tutors.
Provide instant feedback and save hours on grading.
And teach prompt crafting with our Grobots sandbox.

Build custom chatbot activities in minutes.

Use the Grobots prompt builder to create custom chatbots. Provide a role, tone, topic, reading level, and more. And choose the ChatGPT model for the activity–including the latest v4 models. 

Easily share your custom chatbots.

Use a link, sign-in code, or QR code to easily share your custom chatbot. No student accounts are needed. 

Use chat logs to assess learning.

You can see a log of all student’s chats for an activity. Even collect student names and use the chats for assessment.

Special scorebot prompts give instant feedback to students–and can save you hours of grading!

With custom scorebot prompts, students get instant feedback, and you get a report of all the scores for the work submitted!

And use the sandbox to give students access to the prompt builder.

With the sandbox, students have access to the prompt builder so they can learn to craft their own prompts.