Teach better, faster–with Grobots AI.

  • Save Time: Create activities and assessments in seconds.
  • Innovate: Take control of ChatGPT and craft personalized experiences for your class.
  • Connect: Spend more time building relationships and less time planning and grading.
See a Grobot in Action

Why Grobots

GrobotsRegular ChatGPT
Focused: Chat sessions where you create the rulesWide open and prone to distracting students.
Safe. Moderation and chat logs. Logs allow for assessmentsNo record of student chats.
Feedback: Scoring and feedback from your rubrics. You get score reports and assessment data instantly.No scoring or reports.

How it Works

Create a Prompt

“Program” the chatbot with a prompt.

Start a Session

Stay organized by creating a session for each class.

Students Join the Custom Chat

Put the link in your LMS or on the board for students to join a session