Transparent and Flexible Pricing: Pay Only for What You Use

No Subscriptions, No Hidden Fees

Pay-As-You-Go for Ultimate Flexibility
$1 = 1000 Grobot Credits

At GrobotsAI, we believe in straightforward and fair pricing. That’s why we’ve adopted a pay-as-you-go model.

How It Works:

  • Pay for ChatGPT Token Usage: Costs are based on the number of ChatGPT tokens you use. This means you’re in complete control of your costs and only pay for what you actually need.
  • Small Additional Fee: To keep our service running smoothly we charge a minimal fee on top of the ChatGPT token cost.
  • No Subscription Required: We understand that every educator’s needs are different. That’s why we’ve eliminated the need for subscriptions. Use our service as much or as little as you need, without worrying about monthly or annual fees.

Transparent Pricing, No Surprises

  • Usage Tracking: Keep track of your usage easily through our user-friendly dashboard. This ensures you’re always aware of your current spending and usage patterns. Test your prompts with multiple models to see what each one will cost for a typical chat.

Start Now, Pay as You Grow

  • Immediate Access: Get started right away without any upfront costs. Our pay-as-you-go system means you can start using our services immediately and pay based on your actual usage.
  • Flexibility for Every Budget: Whether you’re a solo educator or part of a larger institution, our pricing model adapts to your specific needs and scales with your usage.

GrobotsAI is committed to providing you with a cost-effective, transparent, and user-friendly solution. Experience the freedom of pay-as-you-go and invest in your educational tools on your terms.