What is GrobotsAI?

With GrobotsAI you take control of ChatGPT and craft personalized experiences for your students.

GrobotsAI vs. ChatGPT

GrobotsAIRegular ChatGPT
Focused: Chat sessions where you create the rulesWide open and prone to distracting students.
Safe. Moderation and chat logs. Logs allow for assessmentsNo record of student chats.
Feedback: Scoring and feedback from your rubrics. You get score reports and assessment data instantly.No scoring or reports.

How it Works

With GrobotsAI, you can create custom ChatGPT chatbots for your students.

Step 1: Create a Prompt
Prompts contain a “program” for the chatbot. Prompts set a role, goals, context, constraints, output, and format for the AI.

Step 2: Create a Session
With just a few clicks you can assign a prompt to a session to create a link to the chatbot. Use the same prompt to create a session for each class section or period.

Step 3: Students Access the Chat
With the session created, students can access the AI chat by visiting the link provided by the teacher.

By following these three simple steps, teachers can create customized chat-based activities that inspire and challenge their students while providing a safe and secure environment for learning and collaboration.